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FAQ on selling used cell phones
Questions for Buyers
Questions for Sellers
Q: My question is not listed here. What do I do?
In this case, the chance is your question will be answered by our Store Policy.
Q: Can I pick up my order in person?
YES. When you check out your order, you may choose to pick up your order in person or have the order shipped to you. If you intend to pick up the order in person, you still need to place your order online and present us the order number when you come to our pick-up office. Your order typically will be ready for pickup within 30-mins after your order was received. For the pick-up option, while you will save the shipping charge, there will still be a handling fee. This fee is to help cover part of our labor cost preparing for your order and servicing your pick-up. The fee varies and the system will calculate the amount before you pay. For most products, it is a few dollars for the first item and one dollar for each incremental item in the order. When you pick up the order, if for any reason the item(s) do not meet your expectation, you may decline the order. In this case, we will cancel the transaction right away and there will be absolutely no charge or any fee to you.
Q: How can I buy a (used) phone myself to replace a broken/lost one?
A: Buying a used cell phone can typically save you more than $200 USD and the process is extremely simple too. From our online system, simply select a phone that matches your need listed under the service provider of yours (e.g., Verizon, at&t, etc). If your service provider (e.g., at&t) uses a SIM card (a small chip that gets inserted into the back of your phone), all you need is plug in your SIM card to the phone you purchase from us and you are done! If your service provider (e.g., Verizon) does not use SIM cards, after you receive the phone from us, you may simply call your service provider to activate your cell phone remotely. To avoid any activation charge, most service providers also offer free online cell phone activation. For example, you may activate your Verizon phones for free at https://myaccount.verizonwireless.com/vzs/renew/activatesplash.jsp.
Q: How do I know the condition of the products you list?
A: Every one of the products we sell are professionally tested/verified/reconditioned and carefully rated by their functional as well as cosmetic conditions. The conditions of each product are individually described on the item's listing.
Q: Comparing with others, you offer top payout yet sell at such a big discount. How does your business achieve this?
A: digiCircle.com achieves this by establishing an efficient and innovative 'reversed logistics' channel and a market place that allows us to sell and buy directly. As such, we can quickly and cost-effectively place the items we receive back into service all over the world. The efficiency, innovation, and quality of our operation are the keys to our success in bringing our customers the best values no matter you are a buyer or a seller.
Q: How do you assure the quality of your products?
A: We pay top dollar for quality stock. Nonetheless, each item we receive has to go through a standardized and rigorous test procedure conducted by our technicians before it is listed for resale. The conditions (both functional and cosmetic) for each item are described individually with detailed and full disclosure. When a listed item is rated FULLY FUNCTIONAL, it means the item works like a new one does. There is no compromise in our quality assurance. For your protection, we also provide a 30-day money back guarantee for any functional defects.
Q: Once I make my order, how soon do I expect to receive the item(s)?
A: Once the transaction is complete, the order is usually shipped out within 24 hours or by the next business day. you can also track the status of your current orders as well as past trading history at anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To do that, simply login and retrieve your detailed itemized trading records under My digiCircle tab. On each status change, you will be informed immediately by an email as well. In addition, our customer support responds to your emails usually within 4 hours.
Q: How do you guarantee activation?
A: YES, we verify the phones we sell and service activation is guaranteed for all items listed unless the item is rated defective, as-is, or explicitly stated BAD ESN on the item note. Otherwise, we will fully refund your purchase. If your phone (e.g., ATT, Cingular, T-Mobile) uses a SIM card, it is plug-and-play once you plug in the SIM card. For CDMA phones (Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, US Cellular), to activate you just need to provide the service provider the ESN number which is available on the back of the phone.
Q: Where do you get your items from?
A: We receive items from individuals, agents, retailers, wholesalers, businesses and organizations, in small quantity as well as by truck loads, all over the country on a daily basis.
Q: How do I track my order?
You may track your order online. Simply sign in and click on the 'My dgiCircle' tab on top of the screen. It brings you to a page where all your transactions are shown. Look for the transaction of interest. If the item has been shipped to you, the carrier tracking number will be listed there. The tracking number link will also take you to the carrier page where you can view the status of the delivery.
Q: What is an 'unlocked' phone?
A: Some of the GSM phones we offer are 'unlocked' which gives you a great degree of flexibility in the use of these phones. An unlocked GSM phone allows your phone to work with any service providers that support the same GSM technologies (e.g., at&t, T-Mobile, etc). A GSM phone has a removable account card, called a SIM (subscriber information module) and this SIM has a unique serial number on it. This is what identifies you to the wireless provider. You can put your SIM into any compatible phone (and pretty much all modern GSM phones are compatible with all modern SIMs). It does not care that you have changed phones, all it cares is where to find your SIM. Just as, in theory, you can put any SIM in any phone, the opposite is also true. So if you change from one GSM wireless company to another one, you do not have to change phones. But, most US wireless providers lock their phones, meaning that their phones have been programmed to only work with SIMs issued by their company. Reversing that programming - unlocking allows your phone to work with any SIM.
Q: How do I know the condition of the products you list?
A: Every one of the products we sell is professionally processed (testing, verification, reconditioning) and carefully rated by their functional as well as cosmetic conditions. The conditions of each product are individually described on our product listing.
Q: What is your functional condition rating policy?
A: An item can be functionally rated as 'FULL_FUNC' (fully functional), 'MIN_IS' (minor issue), 'MAJ_IS'(major issue), or 'AS_IS'(as is). The Functional Condition Rating Policy shows up in a pop-up window when clicking the 'view item details' link on each individual item listing. An item that is functionally rated as MIN_IS (minor issue) or MAJ_IS (major issue) still makes and receives calls fine (it will otherwise be rated 'AS_IS') but they are subject to issues of various degrees, some can be relatively minor (e.g., keypad doesn't beep). The details of the issue pertaining to each item is described individually in the item's note.
Q: What is your cosmetic condition rating policy?
A: An item can be cosmetically rated as 'LIKE NEW', 'EXCELLENT', 'VERY GOOD', 'GOOD', 'FAIR', or 'HEAVY WEAR'. The Cosmetic Condition Rating Policy shows up in a pop-up window when clicking the 'view item details' link on each individual item listing. Each item's cosmetic condition is described individually in the item's note.
Q: What is a screen burn-in or image retention issue?
A: With non-uniform use of pixels, such as prolonged display of non-moving images (text or graphics), gaming, or certain broadcasts with tickers and flags, can create a permanent ghost-like image of these objects or otherwise degrade image quality. Click here to see some examples of screen burn-in.
Q: Is there any warranty for the products you sell?
A: We offer a 30-day money-back or exchange guarantee (excluding the shipping and handling charge) for all items we sell that are rated fully functional (e.g., FULL_FUNC). We cover functional defects that arise as a result of normal use of the product only. We do not warrant any of (but not limited to) the following conditions: A) Damage caused by an exposure to water, B) Damage caused by excessive heat, C) Damage caused by improper use of an adaptor/charger or voltage, D) Any software-related issues, E) Any other physical damages caused by dropping or improper use of force applied to the item. Repair stock items (i.e. ones rated as MIN_DEF, MAJ_DEF, and AS_IS) are sold as is. Although most repair-stock item is complete (e.g., with cover, battery) but we do not guarantee that and there will be no return or refund on such items. Aesthetic condition is also not covered by the warranty. To return any item, please contact us by email with your purchase order number and a problem description to obtain an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) number before shipping. In the package, please also include a note to indicate whether you prefer an exchange or refund. If you choose to receive an exchange, we will do so if we have the product in stock upon the receipt of the return. Otherwise, we will refund your order. A return will be accepted with a valid RMA only.
Q: Do the phones you sell include batteries and chargers?
A: Unless specified in the detailed item description, all phones we sell include the battery, although the hold time and the capacity of the battery is not covered by our warranty. New chargers are available to purchase when you add the item of interest into your buy cart.
Q: Do you have a program for resellers?
A: YES, currently about 50% of our total sale is made to resellers. Our unique system allows you to purchase products from us equally easy whether you buy one item at a time or in bulk. If you are a frequent buyer or seller, you may earn up to 10% instant store credit every time you place a buy or seller order. For the details of this program, please visit our store policy.
Q: Can I buy your digi-Dollar (Store Credit)?
A: On top of many ways of saving (eg., Instant Store Credit Award, Jackpot, Daily Price Drop, etc), we regularly list digicircle store credit vouchers for purchase. You may buy them for a store credit more than what you are charged for. This store credit offer however may be limited to established members only and there may be a cap on the amount you can buy in a given a period of time.
Q: Why should I sell my cell phone or other items to digiCircle.com?
A: In United States, typical cell phones serve a life span from 18 months to two years although they are designed and built to last a much longer time. Given being in a good working condition, a cell phone at the point of retirement could still be worth tens of dollars, or even hundreds for some higher end models. Just like any other consumer electronics, however, their values shrink rapidly if you stash them away like the majority of people do until they finally find their way to trash. This is not only a waste of resources it also poses a serious threat to the environment because cell phones contain hazardous materials, such as cadmium, mercury, chromium, nickel, and lead. By selling your unused cell phones to us, you help preserve the environment, reclaim your precious storage, and you benefit financially from the process! digiCircle.com presents our users a 2-step easy process to sell items. We offer to buy from a large, industry-leading, list of more than 700 (and growing) models. Also, our online system provides our users a personalized trading experience. You can track the status of all your transactions, new and old, 24/7. On each status change, you will be informed immediately by an email as well. In addition, our customer support responds to your emails usually within 4 hours.
Q: Do you pay for the shipping?
A: YES, WE DO! At checkout, you can select to receive a pre-paid shipping label by email. A transaction is qualified for free shipping if the estimated value is no less than $50.
Q: How long does it take to get my money?
A: Usually your payment will be processed within 3 business days upon the arrival of your package. We are able to offer such a fast payout because we operate both buy and sell channels while other buyers typically take 30 to 45 days to pay as they usually sell the items on eBay. If your items fail to qualify for full payment and the adjustment process is initiated, the process may take extra days to complete.
Q: Do you purchase in lots that may be mixed with good and bad phones?
A: Absolutely! We will sort and verify the phones and give you an adjusted offer based on the actual condition of the lot. If you do not agree with our offer, you may request for a return of partial or all of the items in the lot with a shipping and handling fee.
Q: How does your Frequent Seller Bonus System work?
A: Our tier-membership program awards you up to 10% bonus. For details of this program, please visit our Store Policy
Q: What do you do with the phones?
A: Millions of phones are retired annually, while only a small fraction of that total is properly reused or recycled. This creates a serious threat to our environment. By creating an efficient 'reversed logistics' channel for pre-owned cell phones, digiCircle strives to increase the re-circulation of used cell phones and other consumer electronics. For items we receive that hold no reuse value, digiCircle.com sends them to our EPA certified partners to properly dispose of these materials in an environment-friendly way.
Q: Should I send in the accessories with the phone(s)?
A: Only the phone (including the original battery) is required. Accessories such as chargers, ear pieces, and cables are not required. If your (PDA or smart) phone requires a memory card, the memory card must be included. On the other hand, you don't need to send in the SIM (subscriber identity module) card if your phone uses one.
Q: Where can I find my phone's model number?
A: The model number can usually be found inside of the phone under the battery. Remove the battery from your phone, you should be able to see it. Each cell phone manufacturer has their own version of a model number, some may be just numerical digits and others may contain both numbers and letters. Some Motorola phones do not show their model numbers. You may call their customer service at 1-877-777-7520 for the Model number assigned to the phone. Click here for more information on your phone's model id.
Q: Do you buy products that are not shown in our database?
A: We update our database routinely and frequently to best serve our users. But if you have a large number of item(s) that are currently not shown in our database, please contact us and give us the make, model, and the number of units of your inventory that you intend to sell. Our staff will contact you for more details on how you may sell such items to us.
Q: Do you buy non-working or scrap phones?
A: Defective phones and scrap may be purchased as repair stock for their usable parts if they are beyond economical repair. If you have a large quantity of such phones, please contact us for details.
Q: What are IMEI/ESN numbers?
A: IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15-digit code used to identify an individual GSM mobile telephone to a mobile network. They can be found under the battery. It can also be displayed on most phones by dialing *#06#. ESN is the electronic serial number that serves a similar purpose as IMEI to identify an unique AMPS phone. Each phone sent to us should have a valid IMEI or ESN number.
Q: How do I get my item(s) to you?
A: Once you submit your sell order online successfully, you should ship the item(s) to us using a carrier of your choice with the following steps:
  1. Pack your item(s) properly (see some packaging tips here) and include in your package either a printout of the packing list provided by us at the point of checkout or simply write down the 6-digit order confirmation number (as shown in the packing list) on your package. You can also find out the order confirmation number by checking your order status.
  2. Ship the package to digiCircle.com at 41509 Albrae Street, Fremont, CA 94538.
Q: I have many products to sell. Can I ship them all at once?
A: Yes, indeed. This saves money for shipping. However, if the items belong to different sell orders, please make sure to include all trade confirmation numbers from all sell orders.
Q: How do I change a confirmed sell order?
A: A confirmed order can be changed or canceled only before the items are shipped. If you need to change the content of a confirmed sell order simply send us an email and specify the id for the order you wish you change or cancel. Then you may issue a new order using our online system again.
Q: Can I check the status of my sell orders?
A: Yes, indeed, you can track the status of your current orders as well as past trading history at anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To do that, simply login and retrieve your detailed itemized trading records under My digiCircle tab. At digiCircle.com we strive to provide the best trading experiences to our users.
Q: What if there is a dispute over the condition of the item(s)?
A:If there is a dispute in the condition, the user will be notified by e-mail with an adjusted trade offer. Should the user decide to not accept the adjusted offer, digiCircle.com will return the shipment at the user's expense.
Q: Does your purchase offer expire?
A: Yes, our offers will be valid for thirty(30) days from the date the initial trade confirmation was issued to you. During this period, the offered purchasing price is 'locked in' to protect your interest from market fluctuation. However, digiCircle reserves the right to decline a transaction for any reason. In the case when the Product(s) meet all the acceptance criteria and digiCircle decides not to proceed with the transaction, digiCircle will pay for the round-trip shipping cost, if applicable, and waive all the processing fees.
Q: Do you accept consignment sale?
A: Yes, we currently have a consignment sale program. This service is however only open to business/bulk sellers only. Please view our store policy for details.
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