We Buy and Sell Used Cell Phones, iPOD, Camera, and many other electronics. We Buy and Sell Used Cell Phones, iPOD, Camera, and many other electronics.
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digiCircle - Buy and Sell Used Cell Phones, Used GPS, Used Gaming Console, Used iPOD, Used Camera, Used Camcorder, Used Computer, and Oher Used Electronics.
digiCircle Store Policy Programs and Policies
Buy used mobile phoneBuying from digiCircle
Who We AredigiCircle operates a club-based, industry-leading, online warehouse specialized in overstock and pre-owned merchandise distribution. Our unique platform facilitates business (wholesaler, retailer, and distributor) and individual members easy accesses to high quality products at a low cost. The membership is FREE and depending on your membership status, you may get up to 16% discount off the list price. Sign up now.
How it Works When you reach this page, you may have already been amazed by our super-low prices and the great selections of products. But read on, this is not the end of the good news (well, to you) yet. Actually our average selling price is a lot lower than the numbers listed. You get the great saving no matter you put one item or hundreds in one order, all in the same easy, hassle-free process. Your overall deal is all based on your membership status (i.e., membership level and Claim-Status rating), not by the size of your individual orders. The more purchases you had made, the higher membership level you will get (similar to the flight mileage programs from air liners). So you may buy any quantity on any model while enjoying the promised discount in each order. Also, if you are a newer buyer, you can get a high discount rate immediately by buying our store credit while establishing your membership status. Our program is not only fair but it also totally eliminates the hassles for negotiating a deal. What if you don't like the price? No problem, our system 'haggles' the price for you by automatically dropping the product price each day (with very few exceptions, there is no reserved bottom-line price on this automatic price drop!). So we let the price come to you! On top of our amazingly easy process and low prices, we also offer a number of free value-added services for our members, including reservation, drop-ship, and virtual warehousing, etc. Please review the following membership policies for more details about our programs. The membership is free. Sign up today!
Membership Rewards*Upon the day you sign up with a digiCircle account, you will receive 1% instant store credit rebate for each order you place. Our Frequent Buyer Program saves you extra 3%, 5%, 7%, 10%, and 12% if you earn an accumulated 1000 (Bronze Member), 10000 (Silver Member), 30000 (Gold Member), 120000 (Platinum Member), and 300000 (Diamond Member) digi points, respectively, in the past 12 months given a healthy Claim status. Each dollar spent on product from a completed order (i.e., ones with no RMA) will generate one digi point. The digi point is not transferable (to a different account). 3rd-party(e.g., credit card, paypal) payment processing fee may be deducted from the store credit earned. It is to be noted that because the digi points account for only transactions that occurred in the previous 12 months, if your account becomes inactive, your membership status could therefore drop.
Claims & RewardsAs a discount distributor, we offer a generous warranty policy. Many of our members nonetheless make few claims with their accounts and this helps us tremendously in keeping our operation cost down. To show our appreciation, we pass the saving to these members by offering extra discounts. If you are an established buyer who has bought 15 or more non-accessory items in the past 6-month period, you are qualified for this discount. If your claim rate is no greater than 3%, 1%, 0%, respectively in this period, you will be awarded with 2%, 4%, and 6% extra discount in addition to your membership discount as set forth above with a total not exceeding 16%. On the other hand, if your account has a consistently high claim ratio (relative to your peer members), your account privilege is subject to reviews and restrictions. It may also have a negative impact to the service & handling fee for your orders.
Store Credit Purchase*If you are a newer member, buying our store credit is a great way to instantly receive a discount that matches higher members. The store credit you buy will not expire. So unused credit will stay in your account until you decide to use it. Note that when an order is paid by store credit, the portion of the payment made by store credit does not yield any membership or any other credit rewards.
PaymentWe accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal. Payment must be made upon the receipt of the order. Otherwise the order is subject to cancelation.
Bulk PurchaseA significant portion of our sales goes to bulk and frequent buyers. If you are a business buyer who needs larger quantity for certain model(s), our Virtual Warehouse (VWH) service is perfect to meet your need. We update our inventory in real-time, but at a given time, if there are not enough devices for the model(s) you need, you could use our VWH service to reserve the items available and build up your inventory as more becomes available. You may later select any items in your virtual warehouse and request to have them shipped to you.
Shipping & HandlingAn order is usually shipped within ONE(1) business day upon the receipt of the order. For most orders, a shipping and handling fee will be charged. This charge covers not only the shipping cost but also some other order processing labor. The amount varies depending on several factors, including the number and type of products in your order, delivery method, as well as your account standing (Claim status). You will get saving by maintaining a low Claim ratio. If an unauthorized 3rd-paty is involved in processing the receipt of your order(s), a product missing/damage claim during shipment will not be accepted or honored.
Local Pick UpYou may also choose to pick up your order in person at our facility but you still need to place your order online and present us the order number when you come to pick up. For most local pickup orders, a handling fee, as described in the Shipping & Handling Section above but excluding the shipping cost, still applies.
Resell used mobile phonedigiCircle Resellers
DescriptionIf you buy and resell our products, the buyers' policy stated above will be applied to you. In addition, digiCircle offer a following set of services available to resellers to help reselling our products easy.
RequirementWe provide three drop-ship services for resellers of our products - Instant Drop-Ship, Reservation and Virtual Warehouse. These services allow you to focus on marketing and customer service, while digiCircle will do all the heavy-lifting, managing your inventory, and filling the orders directly to your customers. On the invoice, it will only show the business name you specify and not ours to help you retain your customers! You will automatically be eligible for the drop-ship services if you are a SILVER (or higher) digiCircle member. Otherwise, you will have to apply for it. For that, you must be a digiCircle.com member for a minimum of 45 days and have completed at least 10 transactions with a total value of $3,000 or more in the past 12 months. To apply for a drop-ship service, please write us a mail and describe your business (i.e. retail/wholesale), the product(s) you are interested in reselling, and how you market (e.g., eBay/amazon or your own store/channels) the products. It is digiCircle's sole discretion in approving any dropship application.
Drop-Ship ServiceOnce your drop-ship service is approved and activated, you may simply follow the normal process to place a buy order. When you check out, for the delivery options, you can select to drop-ship the order. You will be asked to enter the name and address, as well as the entity name you would like to use on the invoice sent with the order.
ReservationYou can also hold a drop-ship order until you know where you want the order to be shipped to. In this case, you could just choose the reserve option (without paying the S/H fee) to request digiCircle reserve the item(s) and you can come back at a later time to request us to fill the order to an address you specify. We can reserve your orders up to 30-days free of charge. If you fail to fill a reserved order within 30-days, digiCircle reserves the right to cease the reservation and charge you a restocking fee.
Virtual Warehouse(VWH)With this service, you may build up your own inventory and let digiCircle manage the warehouse for you! To buy and hold item(s) at your virtual warehouse, you will have to complete checkout and pay for your order (without the S/H fee). You can buy-and-hold item(s) at any time you wish and they become your inventory but digiCircle will do all the heavy-lifting, and drop ship the products for you! At any time, you can select any one or more items from your virtual warehouse, move then to your cart, check them out, and specify a ship-to address as you would do for a normal (drop-ship) order. This service allows you to reserve an arbitrary number of products and choose any subset of the items from your virtual warehouse to be shipped. You may also decide to return any item(s) in your VWH back to us and such return(s) will NOT count toward your claim rate! Currently, the VWH service is available only to Silver (and higher-ranked) members.
Cosmetic GradingWe strive to describe each item as accurately as we practically could, on the functional, aesthetic, and other conditions. Nonetheless, for cosmetic rating, it presents an unique challenge in that the process involves subjective assessment and evaluation. Although we believe our rating is mostly accurate and fair, given the large number of devices we process daily as a wholesaler, inevitably some items at times may look significantly better (or worse) than others even they receive the same rating. Such subjectivity (or bias) nevertheless falls on both sides and our warranty does NOT cover for it. Generally speaking, our LIKE NEW and EXCELENT++ will be considered as A grade with no or minimum sign of use, while EXCELLENT and VERY GOOD map to B grade with moderate body wear. GOOD and FAIR graded items will show sinificant body wear and are C stock. If the target device has any functional issue(s), a correcspodning issue icon will be raised and a detailed description will be provided in the item-specific page.
Sell used mobile phoneSelling to digiCircle
DescriptionThe following policy applies if you sell your items directly to digiCircle.
ShipmentOur free shipping program provides the following options:
  • Pre-Paid Shipping Label - Available to ALL sell orders with a quoted value of $50 or more.
  • Pre-Paid Shipping Kit - Available to ALL non-bulk(5 handset or less) sell orders that have a quoted value of $50 or more.
Acceptance A full payment requires the item(s) be genuine and fully functional, no water or mechanical damage, and no missing parts. Unless the device uses an industry-standard cable, otherwise power cable (and battery, if applicable) is required. Body wear that arises as a result of normal use is acceptable. For items not meeting such conditions, an adjusted offer based on the actual condition will be issued. If the seller does not agree to the adjusted offer, the seller may ask for a return of partial or all item(s) of the order with a due shipping and handling fee.
  • If you are selling a (smart) phone that uses a memory card, the card is also included.
  • All phones should be released from the service account and have a zero balance.
  • Not reported lost or stolen.
  • For cell phones, only the unit (handset and battery) is required. You may send in other accessories (such as the chargers). They are however not required by the transaction.
PaymentUpon the receipt of your package, usually your payment (via check or Paypal at your choice) will be issued within 3 business days. If your items fail to qualify for full payment and an adjustment process is initiated, the process may take extra days to complete..
ExpirationOur buy offers expire after 45 days of the offer issuance.
Sell used mobile phoneReturn Policy
All merchandise return needs to receive an RMA approval prior to being shipped back. We offer a 30-day warranty for all items we sell that are rated fully functional (e.g., FULL_FUNC). We cover (cell phone) activation problems (for only the advertised carrier) and functional defects that arise as a result of normal use of the product only. We do not warrant any of (but not limited to) the following conditions: A) Usage compatibility with phone service providers not identified on the (cell phone) listing, B) Battery charge time and battery capacity (unless the item is sold as NEW), C) Damage caused by an exposure to water, D) Damage caused by excessive heat, E) Damage caused by improper use of an adaptor/charger or voltage, F) Any software-related issues due to an an user upgrade or installation, Any other physical damages caused by dropping or improper use of force applied to the item. Repair stock items (i.e. ones with major functional issues) are sold as is. Although most repair-stock item is complete (e.g., with cover, battery) but we do not guarantee that and there will be no return or refund on such items. Aesthetic condition is also NOT covered by the warranty and all units returned must in in their original physical condition and no (hardware or software) alteration performed to the device. For all returns, the refund shall not exceed 100% of the product cost. No consequential costs will be covered and paid. A return not covered by our warranty as stated above will be rejected or subject to a $5 (or 15% if greater) restocking fee and the shipping and handling charge will not be refunded. Accessories unless returned in original condition and packaging are not refundable. If an item is returned beyond the 30-day warranty period, the return if accepted will be considered as a sell-back and we will apply our purchasing policy and price to buy back the item. For the refund, by noting it in your return, you may also choose to receive our store credit. For all merchandise returns, regardless of the reasons for the return, buying members shall be responsible for the return shipping cost. A very high return ratio is subject to account reviews and some member privileges could be adjusted accordingly.
Repair Stock: digiCircle is a wholesale distributor and we carry a large set of products including repair stock (ie items listed with one or more functional defects identified). We have a very rigorous QA process and we believe the item descriptions are very accurate and detailed. We nonetheless do not guarantee the total accuracy nor the completeness in revealing all the defects for the repair stock. As a matter of fact, some defects could be dynamic or progressive over time and/or technically prohibitive to detect under certain circumstances. The repair stock is significantly discounted and therefore it could be financially rewarding to buy such items. However, there will be risks. As a buyer, you will have to factor such financial risks into your decision-making process and place your orders accordingly. Repair stock is sold as is, and not covered by the RMA. A forced return could negatively impact your membership privileges.
Sell used mobile phoneSecurity
We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. We will not sell your personally identifiable information to anyone and your payment and personal information is always safe. Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read over the internet.
Release of Liability
1.Purchaser agrees to observe and obey all federal and state rules and regulations regarding personal data security and responsible recycling. 2.Purchaser is aware that, in purchasing used phones and electronics from Digicircle.com, you are obliged to report to Digicircle.com immediately in the event that you discover a device purchased from Digicircle.com that contains personal data. If Purchaser is able to rebuild and/or revive a device or part of a device that previously had not functioned and subsequently find it to contain personal data, Digicircle.com must be contacted immediately. Devices and/or components in question can not be resold or used to repair or refurbish other devices until Digicircle.com has verified/clear any/all personal data. 3.Purchaser recognizes there are certain inherent risks associated with handling personal and/or confidential data, and Purchaser assumes full responsibility, and further releases and discharges Digicircle.com for any loss, damage or legal action arising out of Purchaser's use of the consumer electronics purchases through Digicircle.com. 4.Purchaser agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Digicircle.com against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgments, cost or expenses, including attorney fees and other litigation costs, which may in any way arise from Purchaser's negligence or inadvisable use such as jailbreaking, rooting, or flashing devices. 5.Any legal or equitable claim that may arise from purchasing consumer electronics from Digicircle.com or this Release shall be resolved under California law.
Membership & Disclaimers
Membership: digiCircle membership is subject to periodic reviews and digiCircle reserves the right to terminate or change any membership status or priviledges at its discretion at any time. Each business or individual is allowed to have only one account. Placing an order is considered as an agreement to the Membership Policies outlined above. Refusal to the Membership Agreements, false claims, excessive product returns, or other unamicable and/or unprofessional conducts are subject to a membership privilege restriction or revocation. To request for an account review or appeal for your account privileges, please email us to membership-appeal@digicircle.com.
Order Fulfillment: All the listings on our website do NOT represent an OFFER. They are INVITATION TO TREAT. digiCircle.com reserves the right to decline or cancel any order, buy or sell, at its total discretion.
Disclaimer: All the company policies stated above are subject to amendment with or without a prior notice to our members.

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